I love this idea. You take vanilla Jello pudding- seperate it into little cups and color it with food coloring. You've got edible finger paint!


I have 2 contributions right now. The first is if you're pregnant OR have a child- you should refer to www.babycenter.com It is a fantasitc website. You do not need to buy What to expect when you're expecting OR What to expect (your child's first years). It's all HERE and it's free! In fact, some of the information was layed out better than some of the books I bought. This is a great website! 

The second contribution is a program called www.parentsasteachers.org I signed up with my local branch. I am getting in home monthly consultations where someone is checking my baby's development (my baby is fine) and giving me a lot of photo copied hand outs of things I can do with my child at home to help develop him. It's a wonderful program and I encourage you to check out the website and to contact a local branch in your area for more information! 

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