Do you knit or crochet? Stop spending money on magazines and go to They have a TON of free patterns that you can use and share. You have to register and the request may take a few days BUT then you will have access to TONS of patterns!


Here is my FAVORITE coupon website. This is fantastic! I just type what name brand I'm looking for and USUALLY I'll find a coupon for it. I would say this site is 90% acurate at giving you links that work AND what I really love, is they have a seperate link for free samples. I've gotten every free sample I've sent away for. Gotta love this site.


I WILL NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR A BOOK AGAIN! I used to be in the book industry. I was always so tempted to get a new book when it came out. Now, not having a job, I have to be creative as to how I get my reading material for myself and my child.
Tips- If you want to buy from a big box bookseller- go to their bargain department. There usually is a good selection of old bestsellers at a FRACTION of the price. I used to get so mad because the book I bought months ago now cost under 10 bucks... and full priced books aren't cheap!

- I love having my own books, but since I can't afford to buy them as often as I'd like, I use the library. I always gave the library a bad rep, but the library is pretty awesome. If my local library doesn't have what I want, I can request it in. I can also borrow movies (single movies or whole TV series) there.. by by Blockbuster or Netflix!

- My favorite option is the library bookstore. Again, based on donations-- you can pay (usually 50 cents up to a couple of bucks, like 3) you can buy books! I got a hardcover Janet Evanovich (one of her latest ones) for a buck! I just had to walk in on the right day and happen to have some change in my pocket! Also, places like the grocery store will some times have a bargain bin of coloring books or hardcover books for kids that are oober cheap and great. Also places like TJ Maxx or Walmart will have new books at a discounted price.

- If you're lucky enough to live in Baltimore, visit this web site. Seriously- free books! I used to go there all the time. I totally believe there should be one of these in EVERY state!

- If you want to get the best deal possible at a big box bookstore... wait for their sales. Usually their big sale will come up after the holidays and work in different stages. Sometimes its worth getting things as soon as they go on sale because 2 things happen. 1. Independent retailers will go and buy up the marked down things at the stores and then re-sell them for a profit! I hate when they do that because then all the good stuff is gone for the regular old folks like you and me. 2. By the time SOME things become a dollar, they're just not worth buying anymore because they've been handled carelessly by customers throughout the sale. BUT if you want to gamble- SOMETIMES during the final stages of their sale (and I mean, 75% off or $1) you can sometimes find wonderful finds. Just don't go into one of these sales eye balling a Tom Clancey novel and expect it to still be there when it goes to a buck.

The same goes for children's holiday books. After MOST (not all) holidays, their featured product goes on sale the day after.


 My money saving tip today is: study your circular. When you want to plan what you'd like to eat, take the circular and see what's on sale. For example, I had no intention of buying kielbasa last week, but it was on sale (buy one get one free- gotta love those) AND I did need bacon. The circular also had a buy one get one free on bacon IF I purchased a specific brand. I took my local grocery store up on their offer and I've made 4 different meals with the bacon I purchased and I just used the kielbasa today with some random BASIC ingredients I had in my kitchen AFTER searching on the internet for a recipe that used the main ingredients that I already had.


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